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Battery construction

(1) Positive and negative plates 

Positive and negative plates consist of active mass and a lead-calcium alloy grid structure. Lead-Tin Multi-component Alloy Collected Current Bar: low inner resistance, erosion resisting, and bearing long term floating charge 
(2) Separator
Unwoven glass fiber cloth, with a high oxidation and heat resistance, is used to offer superior electrolyte absorption and retaining ability and satisfactory ion conductivity. 
(3) Safety valve 
The safety valve opens when there is an abnormal increase in internal pressure caused by overcharging or misusage. Gas is released from the battery to return the pressure back to normal. 
(4) Container and covers 
Container and covers are made of ABS, with superior strength and acid resistance Characteristics. The container and covers are sealed to prevent electrolyte and gas leakage. 
(5) High purity Electrolyte that makes Orient Power Battery low self-discharge. 
(6) Copper terminals electroplated with sliver alloy: low contact resistance and stainlessness.